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Renne Emiko Brock

P O Box 2633 Sequim WA 98382

-460-3023 10AM-6PM
Renne Emiko Brock

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Artist Statement

“The intent of my artwork is to demonstrate the idea of humans' ability to oscillate between existing as one of a kind, as well as, one of a greater assemblage. The work is a narrative of my convictions, conduct, and courage for acceptance and inclusion. My belief is that we are all different in our own way, and that makes us equal. We have the ability to embrace the dual nature of light as a wave and a particle of matter. We also have the potential to be filled with awe, instead of fear, in the confidence that we are unique, as well as, united.

A great deal of my artwork is crafted from textile methods and playful interpretations of identity through colorful means. I have been working with computers as a fine art and interactive medium for over 33 years. This technique lends itself to sculptural artwork and my assemblages contain elements of computer-enhanced images, transparencies, hand weaving, and textiles. My passion is to interweave color theory, iconic content, and education with hopeful beliefs and storytelling to produce a multi-layered message about kind acceptance."

- Renne Emiko Brock










joy - painting - rebr

Learn about my Color Style System. What hue are you and how do you want to engage with the world?
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