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My lifelong study and passion is the use of color and how it is perceived physically and psychologically. I love helping people achieve a strong sense of their own color choices, communicate their true intent, and utilize the power of color. I create artwork, apparel, and educational interactive experiences in the observation and interpretation of color communication. What hue are you?
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I am an artist, instructor, and superhero promoting the importance of creative education and community participation in the arts that are active and inclusive. I create one of a kind handcrafted art, apparel, textiles, computer assemblages, sculptures, videos, and publications that embrace the empowerment of brilliant hues, individualism, and acceptance. To encourage expression, innovation, and exploration, I’ve taught art and digital media through Monterey Peninsula College, Peninsula College, Monterey Museum of Art, Lyceum of Monterey County, Sequim Museum & Arts Center and my own independent courses. As a superhero, I am an arts advocate and have established, produced, and supported creative networks, events, and nonprofits by facilitating collaborative connections among artists, educational institutions, organizations, and the community.

My artwork about color and superheroes is a narrative of my convictions, conduct, and courage for acceptance, inclusion, and identity. I have been working with computers as a fine art and interactive medium for over twenty-seven years and a fiber artist since I was 3. This mergence of techniques lends itself to sculptural assemblages containing elements of computer-enhanced images, transparencies, hand weaving, and found objects. This physical and philosophic combination of computer work and weaving is a family tree of talent and technology. For example, I weave on the loom my grandfather built for my grandmother and a loom was the precursor to the development of the analytical engine and computer.

I earned a Bachelors of Science in Art at Lewis and Clark College and a Masters of Fine Art in Visual Art at Norwich University. Although my degrees have focused on art, my theories, techniques, and practices have been communicated via the computer sciences. I have worked with both PC and Macintosh computers since 1980 and taught creative computer use professionally since 1993.

As an arts advocate, my latest adventures have been to be the pioneer and president of Sequim Humanities and Arts Alliance, create and coordinate the First Friday Art Walk Sequim and North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival, and initiate and chair a creative home-based business group called Burning Down The House that started the Opulent Art Show.

First Friday Art Walk Sequim is the first Friday every month from 5 to 8 PM. Please visit all the arts in downtown Sequim every First Friday.
North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival Join us for this interactive fiber arts event connecting to the community on first weekend in Oct.
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